Tips for Choosing Rain Cloth Products

Rain cloth products can be very handy when it rains. They come in all shapes and sizes. You can find them shops as zip-up slickers, trench coats, compressible rain jackets, and as disposable rain coats. They might seem quite ordinary but if you want the best bang for your buck, there are certain factors that you will need to look into.

1. Fabric. Rain gear can come in different styles. And they can also be made from various types of rain cloth. Some have natural fibers that have been treated to become waterproof. Some are made of high quality fabrics that offer the best waterproofing while continuing to be breathable. Some are made from fabric that swells up when wet and thereby keeping water from going through the material.

Some are made from polyurethane. This synthetic material is highly waterproof but ranks low in breathability. This means you will most likely find yourself sweating while donning this kind of rain gear. Nevertheless, if you do not want to get wet, you might want to consider grabbing rain gear made of this synthetic fabric.

2. Ease of care. More than protecting you from being wet, your rain cloth gear must also be designed in a manner that you can easily care for it. While those that are made of natural fabric work great in the realm of breathability, they tend to be easily damaged because they attract oil and dirt easily. While you can always retreat them to help maintain their functionality, this task can turn out to be annoying. It can also mean additional expense. So before you decide to buy any type of rain gear, make sure you read the instructions on how to care for them. In this way, you can keep yourself from unnecessary spending.

3. Construction. The construction of your rain gear not only defines its style, it also defines its longevity. In choosing rain gear, make sure you give attention to the seams. It is best to choose rain gear with seams that are sewn and taped. And when it comes to taped seams, make sure they are done so on the inside. In this way, there will be less chances of having water seeping through them.

If the rain coat or jacket you fancy has zippers on it, make sure you check that the zippers are taped as well. It can be very easy for water to find its way through zippers. So make sure that they have some form of seal over them.